As in the general study of science, research in Islamic studies and Muslim societies today also increasingly uses interdisciplinary methods and approaches. In order to produce more objective findings, the researchers looked at the need to combine several methods or approaches to an object of study, so that they had additional considerations needed. These additional considerations add a more comprehensive perspective. In this way, in turn they can come up with better findings. Interdisciplinary Islamic studies dispute that Islam is monolithic, militaristic, and primarily Middle Eastern. Instead, they look for the dynamic, contested, and performative nature of the forms and practices of Islam and Muslims (Andrew N. Wintraub, 2011, 2)

With the development of science supported by the development of information technology, such as in scientific studies in general, Muslim scholars and scholars of Islamic studies also take advantage of these developments in their studies. They study Islam and its societies from its antiquity, late antiquity, formative period, medieval, modern time up to present looking for history, institution, agency, form, and practices.

Seeing the reality from the other side scientifically, the reality of Islam and its significance in history up to now can be seen as the same as material that can be exchanged or traded. Ideas, sounds, pictures, and meanings are exchanged and traded in ways that have never existed before. Hyper reality that is now also accompanied by the development of methodologies can capture these developments. The nature of this development is of course not requiring monolithic method and approach, but interdisciplinary one.

Based on the above explanation, it is necessary to provide a scientific forum such as a colloquium that will appeal to them -individual scholars, practitioners, policy makers, especially post graduate students to present their experiences, research findings, sharing ideas and experiences. For the nature of the object being discussed is interdisciplinary, the Post-Graduate School (SPS) of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta is called to organize International Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Studies 2019 (ICIIS 2019) with the theme “Moslem Societies and Social Transformation”.