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The 7th International Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies (ICIIS) 2024

Rethinking Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies for Sustainable Development in the Digital Age

Sintesa Peninsula Hotel Manado, Indonesia

September 18-21, 2024

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This conference endeavors to explore deeper into the synergies between Islamic principles, interdisciplinary methodologies, sustainable development as well as digital technologies. Through critical inquiry, collaborative dialogue, and practical engagement, participants will explore innovative approaches, share best practices, and co-create actionable strategies for harnessing the transformative power of interdisciplinary Islamic studies in the digital era. Together, we embark on a journey to rethink, reimagine, and revitalize Islamic scholarship and practice for the betterment of humanity and the world.

Keynote Speakers

keynote speaker

Prof. Asep Saepudin Jahar, M.A., Ph.D. (Rector of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta)

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Rajafi, M.HI. (Rector of IAIN Manado, Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. James B. Hoesterey (Emory University USA)

Panel Speakers

pannel speakers

Prof. Dr. Sharifah Hayaati Binti Syed Ismail (Universiti Malaya)

Dr. Mohammad Marakeby (Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia)* 

Dr. Salim A. Elkoshly (Tripoli University of Lybia)

Our Important Dates

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August 7, 2024

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August 30, 2024

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Sept. 6, 2024

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Conference Date:

Sept. 18-21, 2024

Focus and Scope

1.       Islam, Local Culture and Sustainable Development
2.       Creative Approach in Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies in The Digital Age
3.       Islamic Discourse in Cyber Literature
4.       Islamic Manuscripts, Digital Humanities, and Creative Industries
5.       Religious Education, Innovation, and Literature in the Digital Age
6.       Arabic Language Education and Literature for Sustainable Development
7.       Digital Literacy, Technology, and Artificial Intelligences in Arabic Teaching
8.       Islam, Science, and Integration of Knowledge for Sustainable Development
9.       Localizing Islam and Living Literature for Sustainable Development
10.   Sustainable Development and Contemporary Islamic Legal Thought
11.   Islamic Law and Principles of Natural Conservation
12.   Artificial Intelligence and Law Enforcement
13.   Islamic Social and Political Movement in the Digital Age
14.   Digitalization, Living Quran, and Hadis
15.   Psychology, Spirituality, and Human Well-being for Sustainable Development
16.   Sustainable Development, Sufism, and Muslim Global Network
17.   Refugee, Citizenship, and Sustainable Development
18.   Digitalization and Creative Approaches in the Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies
19.   Sustainable Development, Ulama, and Fatwa
20.   Sustainable Development, Islamic Literature,  and Artificial Intelligence
21.   Sustainable Humanity, Interreligious Dialogue and Interreligious Cooperation
22.   Moderate Muslim Movement for Sustainable Development
23.   Sustainable Development and Legal Pluralism
24.   Sharia Economics in the Digital Age
25.   Gender Studies for Sustainable Development
26.   Sustainable Development and Gendered Religious Authority in the Muslim Society
27.   Islamic Philanthropy in the Digital Age
28.   The Digital Age and Halal Industry
29.   Sustainable Development and Islamic Entrepreneurship
30.   Islamic Finance Institution and Sustainable Development
31.   Da’wa, Sustainable Development, and Social Justice
32.   Islam, Public Health and Sustainable Development
33.   Islamic Education and Green Policy
34.   Nature, Islamic Ethics, and Sustainable Development
35.   Tarekat, Society, and Sustainable Development
36.   Muslim Society, Human Resources in The Digital Age
37.   Green Management and Prophetic Tradition

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