English is the working language of the conference. If it is not your native language, please have your papers read by a native speaker or seek online services for proofreading to improve the language of your papers. Additionally, this conference also uses Arabic as a working language. Please note that all papers, regardless of language, are subject to further review and may be rejected if the language quality is deemed unacceptable.

Template Manuscripts Used

Standard Paper

Prior to submitting your paper for review, please ensure that it complies with the following minimal standards:

  1. The manuscript fits the scope of publication.
  2. The similarity check is less than 15%.
  3. The number of pages is between six to eight.
  4. The topic is novel and is appealing for international audiences.
  5. The paper should comprise at the very least a title, an abstract, an introduction, methodology, findings, a discussion, and references.
  6. The paper is written in English.
  7. There are 15-25 references, with 80% from reputable international journals published within the recent 10 years.


Paper submission is done through the EasyChair system.

We only accept submissions through EasyChair System. Submission through an email address should be considered a scam.

Publications Opportunities

Accepted papers have the opportunity to be published in various prestigious outlets. These include reputable proceedings published by IEEE and Routledge, Taylor & Francis, which are indexed by Scopus, as well as international journals indexed by Scopus, and reputable national journals such as those indexed in Sinta 2. By meeting the high standards of these publications, your work can gain significant visibility and recognition within the academic community.